China Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Since 2009, every year in the city of Yulin, China, repugnant Chinese holds a festival in which thousands of dogs and cats are first tortured and then slaughtered for their meat. 

In 2014 social media networks across the world, finally opened the eyes of the international community to the practices carried out in China organizing this “festival”

Although supporters of this celebration argue that eating dog meat is not very different from eating beef or pork and this is simply a Chinese tradition. In reality, it was started in 2009 and the all-mighty Yen was behind its creation.

The world’s outrage is directed toward the way these defenseless animals are slaughtered because the Yulin Festival organizers believe an animal that dies under stress, tenderizes its meat.

So a majority of the dogs and cats that are slaughtered are beaten with spades, boiled alive, or skinned while still conscious.

Yulin China Where Nightmares Are Born

Many witnesses describe the grim, horrific picture of Yulin as a nightmare that they’ll never escape.

Visitors wary of the streams of blood running along street gutters lays testament to the thousands of slaughtered dogs and cats that were a sacrifice for a meal.

Many of these animals were stolen from loving homes, who were captured in city streets throughout China and other Asian cities. After being crated and shipped to Yulin they’re then abused to the point where they lose the ability to bark or even cry out.

Only after they’ve been sufficiently tortured, do they become part of the feast. 

Yulin supporters argue that eating dog and cat has a long tradition in many southern provinces of China. Of course, that’s a blatant fallacy since eating dog meat ended thousands of years ago, and the Yulin festival can only trace its beginnings to 2009. 

While Yulin officials openly admitted to collaborating with the organization of the festival, many of its officials backtracked from taking any responsibility.

In 2015 Eleven million people placed their signatures on the petition site pleading with China to put an end to this gruesome festival. Tens of millions more, Using the hashtag #EndYulin, took to social media to protest this reprehensible festival

But it still wasn’t enough for the Chinese government to act.

The Late Carrie Fisher once wrote:

​”There is so much animal suffering in the world, and much of it, you feel helpless to end, but stopping the Yulin dog meat festival and ending all that suffering is easy… 

All the Chinese authorities need to do is declare it shut down, and the killing stops.”​

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