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Tubby Little Tyrant Kim Jong-Un Says Dog-Meat is a Superfood

Kim Jong-Un Dog Meat

North Korea’s tubby little tyrant Kim Jong-Un Says Dog-Meat Is A Superfood And Needs To Be Beaten To Death To Get The Best Flavor

North Korean propaganda channels have been marketing dog meat as a superfood, saying it improves stamina and can be used as a medicine.

And if that wasn’t messed up enough, they’ve also been claiming that the flavor can be improved if the dogs are beaten to death.

Dog stew, known in Korean as dangogi, is a popular dish in both the North and the South of Korea as many of us well know.

But I don’t think anywhere has gone to the extremes of claiming that puppies should be brutally beaten before they are eaten.

Local TV channels such as DPRK Today have recently made claims that dog flesh has more vitamins than beef, chicken and pork. And radio channel Tongil Voice said:

There’s an old saying in North Korea that even a slice of dangogi can be good medicine during the dog days.

It shows our people’s love for dangogi and that dangogi is the finest of all medicines, especially during the dog days when the weather is scorching.

Based on the tubby little tyrant’s body, that fat little toadstool should start hitting the gym instead of defenseless dogs.

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