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Munu, Rescued Blind Black Rhino Celebrates 1-Year In New Home

Munu black rhinoceros

Munu, a 20-year-old south-western Black Rhino, who also happens to be blind, was rescued by The White Lion Foundation just over a year ago and moved to a rhinoceros sanctuary.

The rare male Black rhino, who was later found to have detached retinas, thought to be caused by territorial fighting, was first seen walking in circles on a South African Reserve.

According to wildlife experts, being blind, Munu could no longer survive in the wild without his sight and most likely would have been killed by other animals.

Luckily The White Lion Foundation launched an urgent rescue mission to save the handicapped rhino.

The foundation miraculously built his new home in just eight weeks and in August 2019 he was relocated to Founders Lodge in the Eastern Cape.

Moving Munu, one of only 254 of his species left in South Africa was not only dangerous but became even more hazardous due to the threat of poaching.

Thankfully, a year later, Munu is thriving in his safe new home where he has a full-time keeper and 24-hour security.

He has a white rhino calf as a neighbor and due to his young age. Plans are being drawn up to introduce Munu to a female rhino.

Being one of the critically endangered south-western sub-species of black rhino, it is hoped that Munu being only 20-years-old will be able to father some calves to help prevent the species from going extinct.

The White Lion Foundation stated on their website that any offspring will be donated to South Africa National Parks (SANparks) to further their conservation efforts of this endangered sub-species.

Shirley Galligan, co-founder of The White Lion Foundation, described Munu’s story as an “amazing one of survival and endurance,” adding:

 “I am so happy that we have Munu in our care, he is very precious and rare and there are only about 250 of his kind now left in South Africa”

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