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Marc Ching, Becomes First Person Formally Charge By FTC For Purportedly Selling Fake Coronavirus Treatment

Marc Ching Thrive Fake COVID-19 treatment

WildlifePlanet was the first to expose that Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, was convicted and sentenced to prison for kidnapping in 2000.

So it wasn’t shocking when the Federal Trade Commission (FEC), accused Marc Ching, 41, of illegally selling an herbal supplement he claimed could treat COVID-19.

If that wasn’t enough, Ching was also accused by the FTC of making unsubstantiated claims that several other products sold by his Sherman Oaks supplements company, Whole Leaf Organics, can treat cancer.

These latter products feature CBD, or cannabidiol, a compound in marijuana that doesn’t get you high but is said to have anecdotal but never proven health benefits.

Ching agreed this week to a preliminary order from the FTC barring him from claiming any product sold by his company PetStaurant, “treats, prevents or reduces the risk of COVID-19; or treats cancer; or cures, mitigates or treats any disease.”

Mitch Katz, an FTC spokesman, stated that the settlement represents the agency’s “first formal law enforcement action” involving a purported COVID-19 treatment.

Andrew Smith, who heads the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection stated:

“There’s no proof that any product will prevent or treat COVID-19 or that any CBD product will treat cancer.

Let’s be clear, companies such as March Ching’s who are making these claims can look forward to an FTC lawsuit like this one.”

The FTC’s agreement with Ching stipulates that he “has not admitted to liability” regarding the claims and that the settlement isn’t an admission he “engaged in violations of the FTC Act or any law or regulation.”

The Los Angeles Times David Lazarus contacted Ching by phone after the settlement was announced.

Writing in his column: L.A. animal rights advocate peddled pandemic snake oil:

He [Marc Ching] expressed willingness to discuss the matter but said he was busy. He told me to call back in a few hours.

I did so, repeatedly. No answer.

Ching finally sent me a short email saying we wouldn’t be speaking after all.

He said that, regarding the FTC settlement, “we made a mention to one of our supplements in regards to boosting the immune system. We did not say that it will or can cure, treat, or stop COVID-19.”

Ching added that he and Whole Leaf Organics have cooperated with the FTC “in everything they have asked to make sure we are in full compliance.”

Of course, after WildlifePlanet exposed his kidnapping charge, we reached out to Ching also.

The only response we received was numerous death threats from his brainwashed supporters.

March Ching over the past few years, through his Animal Hopes and Wellness foundation, had created a cult-like following who believed that he was nothing sort of ‘Saintly’ due to his supposed efforts in trying to end the Dog Meat Trade in China. 

Of course, those efforts are as legitimate as his Coronavirus herbal supplements are.

The FTC’s original complaint, meanwhile, paints a damning picture of Marc Ching’s marketing practices for his supposed Coronavirus supplement called “Thrive.”

  • Thrive is an ingestible product that is sold in capsule form, consisting
  • primarily of a combination of Vitamin C and herbal extracts.
  • In March, trying to exploit the worldwide fear of coronavirus, Ching started claiming that his Whole Leaf Organics Thrive supplement “treats, prevents, or reduces the risk of COVID-19.
  • Ching took his lie a step further, claiming that ‘Thrive had been clinically and/or scientifically proven.’
  • Distributed and sold through CBD-EX, CBD-RX, CBD-Max to consumers through his
  • website www.wholeleaforganics.com. The suggested retail price for one bottle of
  • CBD-EX containing 30 capsules is $39.99. The suggested retail price for one 30 ml
  • bottle of CBD-RX is $75.00. The suggested retail price for one 1000 mg bottle of
  • CBD-MAX is $125.00.
  • In November 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) sent
  • Marc Ching a letter warning that he was making unapproved new drug claims
  • that it treats Cancer which is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C § 355(a).
  • The FDA gave Marc Ching fifteen days to take corrective action, and, of course, the arrogant Marc Ching did not.

The complaint includes a screenshot from the Whole Leaf Organics website touting Thrive as “the perfect way to strengthen your immunity against pathogens like COVID-19, the coronavirus,” which the FEC forced Ching to remove that egregious claim.

Marc Ching Thrive Fake Coronavirus supplement
Marc Ching pictured with one of his cult-like supporters, Television has been Shannen Doherty

On April 24, 2020, the FEC charge Marc Ching with four counts of violating the FTC Act.

      • Count I: False and Unsubstantiated COVID-19 Claims
      • Count II – False and Unsubstantiated Cancer Claims
      • Count III – False Proof Claim for Thrive
      • Count IV – False Proof Claims for CBD Products

We tried contacting Marc Ching through email to explain how he told LA Times author David Lazarus that his company. Whole Leaf Organics’ never said Thrive “can cure, treat, or stop COVID-19.”

But similar to what he did with the Los Angeles Times, Marc Ching didn’t respond.

Amazingly, Lazarus was taken in by Ching’s carnival barker-like ability to self promote himself as a virtuous animal rescuer.

Lazarus writing in his article:

It’s unfortunate that Ching didn’t want to be interviewed because he’s clearly an interesting person. His foundation’s advocacy on behalf of animals goes back nearly a decade.

His activities have garnered support from some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Matt Damon and Joaquin Phoenix, who participated in a 2016 video condemning the grisly practice of butchering dogs for food in China.

However, a rescue mission to the Chinese city of Yulin undertaken by Ching that year landed him in hot water after critics said hundreds of dogs he rescued ended up dead.

Wildlife Planet takes great pride in knowing we had a helping hand in turning up the water temperature.

Since we had closed Wildlife Planet down for over a year. I must assume our article that was the first to expose Marc Ching being found guilty of kidnapping no longer appears on Google.

This, of course, will be rectified soon, as we restart our Animal advocacy website

Marc Ching is nothing more than a convicted drug dealing kidnapper, who took advantage of the publicity surrounding China’s hideous Yulin Dog-Meat Festival.

In 2015, Marc Ching, like everything else he comes in contact with, used these poor innocent Dogs and Cats being brutally tortured in Yulin, China to reinvent himself as some saintly animal rescuer. 

While imbecilic Hollywood movie stars such as Matt Damon also looking for their share of #EndYulin publicity were easily taken in by this husker.

As we continue to repost our older articles, you’ll see Marc Ching is nothing more than a con-artist looking for fame and fortune.

After devoting thousands of hours in researching Marc Ching. In my expert opinion, Marc Ching is less interested in enriching himself and more interested in the adulation from La La Land celebrities for his factitious deeds of courage in order to compensate for his lack of manhood. 

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