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Marc Ching Animal Hope & Wellness Lie #146


In 2017 Marc Ching arrived in Changchun, China, and immediately started lying on his first post.

Of course, Marc Ching adds his typical over-the-top rhetoric of “going into the depths of hell once again” nonsense.

Because Marc Ching needs you to feel so guilty of his sacrifice that you’ll hit that donation button without a seconds thought.

It’s almost sickening reading his flowery, “I’m the only one that brings this to you because I’m just that damn good, and I’m the only person willing to sacrifice my soul for you”

Of course, none of that is true, but it sure sounds good, and if it isn’t obvious by now. Marc Ching will say, and do anything to get you to hit that donate button.

I mean it takes someone truly repugnant like Marc Ching to think there’s nothing wrong with trying to profit off of selling a fake Coronavirus Treatment and a cure for cancer.

Which is why you can read out article on Marc Ching becoming the first person ever charged in the United States by the Federal Trade Commission for doing this exact thing.

Which leads us to his post that we show to  this 2017 Instagram post. 

Marc Ching, Animal Hope & Wellness Dog-meat trade Changchun, China Instagram Post

As many of you know, Marc Ching isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

From hiding his Kidnapping conviction in the sad belief that no one would ever discover it.

Marc Ching and His Changchun, North China farce.

In this Instagram post Marc Ching wrote: “I arrived in Changchun North China,” which later included his infamous claim that he’s undercover. 

The picture which Marc Ching believes will provide evidence of what he is about to claim. Unfortunately, its only accomplishment is in proving just how much Marc Ching will lie. 

Beyond the fact that no one who is supposedly undercover could have possibly taken this picture.

Because if you’re undercover, one would assume you’re trying to hide your true goals and/or identity.

So it’s hard to imagine Marc Ching could take the time to whip out his iPhone, perfectly center the subjects, and snap the photo without alerting those whom you wish to keep in the dark of your true intentions.

Just the fact that this picture is so perfectly centered and the viewer gets no sense of it being taken under distress. Only lends credence to those witnesses that allege Marc Ching pays these dog meat butchers to gain unfettered access to their chambers of horror.

But, of course, this is completely subjective on our part and maybe Marc Ching has photographic skills that surpass even the best undercover investigative journalists.

But there is one thing that not even Marc Ching’s cult-like followers/apologist can dispute.

Marc Ching stating “I arrived in Changchun North China,” and the date on which he posted this February 23, 2017.

Now take a close look at the picture that Marc Ching implying that he is about to go undercover into the dog-meat trade butcher shop to expose the worst kept secret that has been exposed hundred times over by much more reputable animal rescue organizations.

Marc Ching Animal Hope and Wellness arrives in Changchun, China


So what is wrong with this March Ching picture?

According To Marc Ching’s post Location stamp, he was clearly in Changchun, China.

The temperature for Changchun, China on 2/23/2017 had a high of 21 degrees with a low of 5 degrees Fahrenheit 

Do these guys look like they are dressed for Temps in the teens? Both guys are wearing short sleeves, and worse the guy on the right is wearing open-toed sandals.

Not even those uneducated dog-meat butchering morons in China would be insane enough to wear open-toed sandals.

Of course, maybe we’re wrong and the Chinese people are just that stupid? Or possibly Marc Ching took the picture a day or two before?

Well, the picture below was taken from a Changchun, China media source that was published on 2/21/2017 where the temperature ranged from a high of 28 to a low of 19.

As you can see the people were dressed appropriately for when it’s 20-something degrees out

Not one person in short sleeves and while I can’t prove it, I’ll go out on a limb and say there is not one person in this crowd wearing open-toed sandals.

Changchun media source from 2/21/2017

Marc Ching is a convicted drug-dealing kidnapper for a reason, he has no morals, or ethics and anyone who defends him as some angelic person doing something noble is in my opinion is in need of psychiatric help far more than Marc Ching.

March Ching knows he’s scum as evidence by him trying to profit off of the fear and anxiety of this worldwide pandemic that has killed millions of innocent men, women and children.

But far more sickening than Marc Ching are the people who still believe in this con artist after all the evidence that shows from his being charged with Felony Kidnapping for ransom in 2000, to Marc Ching being charged in 2020 with seeling a fake coronavirus treatment, and Cancer cure.

20-years is more than enough time for anyone to see what kind of scum Marc Ching truly is.

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