Marc Ching, the Los Angeles based founder of Animal Hope & Wellness is accused of staging gruesome dog killings during trips to Dog-Meat slaughterhouses

Finally the world is taking notice just how egregious Marc Ching Animal Hope & Wellness foundations repugnant leader.

Marc Ching, the Los Angeles based fraudulent animal rights activist is accused of staging gruesome dog killings during trips to slaughterhouses for footage in his foundation videos, according to a report.

Of course, for WildlifePlanet this has been something we’ve always known, and have been reporting on for years.

Marc Ching’s YouTube videos are horrifying enough, to know that he paid for the torture of animals is repugnant.

In one, a black dog hangs by its neck, crying and convulsing as it is blowtorched alive. In another, a white dog dangles from a wooden beam, writhing in pain and terror.

As the LATimes reported:

The footage came from a 2016 trip to Asia by Marc Ching, a Los Angeles resident who spent nearly a decade in prison for a violent crime before transforming himself into a prominent leader in the local, national and international animal rights communities.

Ching has told supporters that those videos and others were recorded to document the torture and slaughter of dogs at meat markets in Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries in Asia with a limited but enduring trade in butchering the animals for human food.

The gruesome images appear on social media and in an emotional public service announcement that features a roster of celebrities, including Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, and promotes a charitable foundation that Ching started. The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation has raised millions of dollars for the purpose of rescuing dogs and cats from Asian slaughterhouses.

“It shows you why this has to end,” Ching said after screening the videos at a House briefing in 2016 on Capitol Hill. As he showed the torture scenes, audience members gasped and averted their eyes. “How can you do that to an animal?” Ching asked.

But a Times investigation has found evidence that contradicts Ching’s claims about the authenticity of some of the most shocking videos and raises questions about his rescue efforts overseas.

Butchers in Indonesia have told The Times that Ching paid them to hang the black dog and burn it to death — a method of killing more cruel than any they say they normally employ — so he could stage the scene for the camera.

One of the unedited clips captures the dog being burned alive. In a sworn court declaration filed in August 2017, Ching wrote that he happened to be investigating the dog meat trade at a market in Tomohon, Indonesia, when he and his interpreter “stumbled upon” the burning.

Ching wrote that it “was taking place in broad daylight while passersby ignored the dog’s screams. My translator filmed the gruesome act only to use as evidence of the cruelty happening in Indonesia.”

But nearly seven minutes of the raw footage shows the dog being pulled from a cage with a noose and carried through the market by a butcher while Ching’s camera follows him from behind. The camera continues to roll as the animal is strung up by its neck and slowly torched to death. As the dog burns, the butcher looks toward the camera and gives a thumbs up.

Ching, 41, denied orchestrating that scene or any other and said he never instructed butchers on how to maim or kill dogs.

“If the question is if I pay people to torture dogs — no, I don’t,” Ching said.

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One must remember Marc Ching’s track record of truth-telling is dubious at best.

Until Wildlife Planet exposed him, Marc Ching, while soliciting millions of dollars in donations, kept the fact that he was an alleged drug dealer who was convicted of Kidnapping for ransom in 2001.

Marc Ching also recently became the first American charged by the FTC for trying to profit off of Marc Ching selling a fraudulent Coronavirus Treatment, and Cancer cure.

Profiting off a pandemic that has killed over one million people worldwide, pretty much sums of Marc Ching’s morals and ethics.

WildlifePlanet has also documented numerous cases where Marc Ching not only lied but did it to profit off of the horrific torture of Dogs and Cats.