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Marc Ching, Animal Hope & Wellness Falsely Accuse Man Of ‘Intentionally’ Running Over Dog

Marc Ching Animal Hope & Wellness

A video posted on social media by the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation (AHWF), founded by convicted felony kidnapper Marc Ching, claimed a man “intentionally” reversed his car over a suffering dog in Jurupa Valley moments after hitting the animal.

Investigators called Animal Hope & Wellness foundation’s smear “misleading.”

“It’s tragic,” said Riverside County Department of Animal Services spokesman John Welsh of the Sunday evening incident.

The driver, traveling along a neighborhood street, did not realize he had struck the small dog, which had escaped its yard.

After several witnesses called out to the driver, unaware of what they were telling him, he placed the car in reverse to see what was going on. That is when the drive unknowingly struck the dog again, the department summarized.

“He did not know the poor little dog was behind him,” 

Animal Services Officer Adam Haisten spoke to the dog’s owner, who told him she had left her home to do business with a vendor on the street and left the gate open. Then the dog ran out into the street, and was hit by the car.

The owner of the dog, who was not identified, said the driver was not going very fast and “did not realize” he had struck the dog.

“She told me she began yelling due to her dog having been hit and the driver, unknowingly, backed up to find out why she was yelling and that’s when the dog was hit again.”

The owner said the incident was not intentional, Haisten said. The owner believes the video was first posted to social media by the vendor she had gone out to meet.

Animal Services Director Julie Bank said:

“We already know that this footage has been viewed by tens of thousands of people, but we want to ensure the public that we investigated the matter fully,” 

“This is an unfortunate incident and our sympathy is with the dog’s owner and all those affected,” a sheriff’s statement said.

Of course, Marc Ching and his Animal Hope & Wellness cult didn’t bother to wait for the investigation to conclude.

Nor did they care to look into doing their own fact-finding, since they never even tried contacting the driver or the dog’s owner.

Telling the truth is something foreign to Animal Hope and Wellness as evidenced by Marc Ching becoming the first person in the United States charged by the FTC for selling a fraudulent Coronavirus treatment.

It’s not hard to imagine what kind of low-life scum Marc Ching must be trying to profit off selling a fake Coronavirus treatment and cure for Cancer.

Marc Ching, Animal Hope & Wellness Disparage The Police Because Their Feelings Are More Important Than The Facts.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation posted the video of the accident on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

On both AHWF’s Facebook and Instagram accounts they reported that the driver “intentionally” ran over the dog.

The Instagram item had 12,500 “likes” and 5,820 comments by Monday afternoon; the Facebook posting had 3,700 comments and 2,100 shares.

Comments included threats of violence against the driver, “I would beat him to death had I seen that,” one Facebook comment said.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation also attempted to doxx the driver by posting the description of the car and its license plate number.

It’s ironic that when WildlifePlanet exposed Marc Ching’s felony kidnapping conviction and documented his 11-year prison sentence. 

Marc Ching threatened to sue. Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation employees simply threatened, and Marc Ching’s cult-like followers sent death threats.

But I guess Marc Ching and Animal Hope & Wellness live by their “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” mantra.

A phone call to Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation was answered by a woman who said she was a caretaker? She also stated that she was not fully informed about the video.

An email to the organization was sent but they have not responded.

Once this was ruled an accident and the case was closed. Animal Hope and Wellness not only didn’t remove the post. They also created an additional post implying the Police didn’t do their job because they didn’t agree with them.

AHWF believes the man should be imprisoned because their feelings are more important than the facts.

Animal Hope and Wellness are still allowing their cult members to post the lisence plate number and asking anyone to act if they see the man or send them the persons name and address because “They KNOW He Did It On Purpose.”


Mar Ching a Person of Interest in exotic animal theft.

In late December 2019, Animal Hope & Wellness posted a video of an exotic animal property near Perris, California and claimed to be planning a “mass rescue.”

On Dec. 30 a lock was cut and 20 to 30 llamas were reported stolen from the property. Welsh.

Not surprising the Department of Animal Services spokesman, said the Animal Hope & Wellness claims of animal cruelty at the site were unfounded.

As far as the 20 to 30 llamas that were stolen, Riverside County sheriff Department considers Marc Ching a person of interest.Animal Hope a

Considering he’s already a convicted felon for Kidnapping. It stands to reason that if Marc Ching could kidnap a teenager and hold them ransom.

I doubt he would have any qualms about kidnapping an animal. 

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