Marc Ching Animal Hope And Wellness Founder

Behind Marc Ching, the founder of Animal Hope and Wellness innocent smile, and charming personality, unquestionably beats the heart of a reprehensible snake-oil salesman.

But thankfully, the world is finally catching on to Marc Ching’s never-ending scams to enrich himself by exploiting the suffering of innocent animals who had been inhumanely treated.

Recently the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office filed three animal-related misdemeanor charges against Marc Ching, one of Hollywood’s favorite animal activists.

According to the criminal complaint, the 3 misdemeanor charges filed against Marc Teruo Ching, 41, include:

      • Practicing veterinary medicine without a license.
      • False advertising.
      • Unlawfully engaging in the business of processing, packing, and preparing “fresh and frozen horsemeat or any other meat product” for use as pet food without holding a valid license.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement.

“We’re prosecuting because practicing veterinary medicine without a license, as we allege here, is illegal for good reason. It can take advantage of pet owners and place animals at risk. That’s true irrespective of whether the defendant holds himself out as a hero of the animal rights movement,” 

The charges follow a Los Angeles Times investigation into Ching’s work and included complaints from veterinarians that Marc Ching, through his company Petstaurant, which operates stores in Sherman Oaks and on the Westside, preyed on caring pet owners.

Instead of using prescribed treatment regimens for serious health conditions, Marc Ching sold products that his company created under the guise that they would either extend the lives of their pets or restore the health of those who were suffering.

Marc Ching is scheduled to be arraigned on Dec. 2. If convicted as charged, he faces up to 18 months in county jail, but as you’ll read later in this article, that’ll be a ‘walk in the park’ for this career criminal.


False Advertising Isn’t Something New to Marc Ching

Marc Ching being charged with egregious business practices shouldn’t come as any great shock from those that follow WildlifePlanet.

In May, we reported that doing business in another of his scam companies called Whole Leaf Organics. Marc Ching became the first person formally charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for purportedly selling a fake Coronavirus cure called ‘Thrive’.

As he had done to innocent pet owners, and heartbroken animal activists, Marc Ching preyed on COVID-19 victims, and those who simply lived in fear as they watch the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the world like an out-of-control wildfire.

“Thrive” which Marc Ching had already been selling for $125 a bottle as a fraudulent Cancer treatment, was nothing more than a capsule filled primarily with a combination of Vitamin C and herbal extracts.

But in early 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic became front-page news, Ching updated his deceitful cancer propaganda to now include:

Thrive had been clinically and/or scientifically proven to treat, prevent, or reduces the risk of COVID-19.

To prove how sickening Marc Ching truly is, in November 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) sent him, as well as his Whole Leaf Organics company a warning letter that they were making unapproved new drug claims which is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C § 355(a).

Incredibly the FDA gave Marc Ching, and Whole Leaf Organics fifteen days to take corrective action.

Of course, upon receiving the FDA’s warning, being the arrogant snake-oil salesman he is, not only did Marc Ching NOT pull Thrive off the shelves, he didn’t even bother to remove his fictitious COVID-19/Cancer claim from his website.

You can read more about Marc Ching’s Thrive Con Here

Once A Criminal…Always A Criminal

While Marc Ching preyed on Cancer, and COVID victims, or tearfully tugged on the heartstrings of caring animal lovers through his Petstaurant, or Ching’s supposed dog rescue Foundation ‘Animal Hope and Wellness’ (AHWF) to the tune of millions of dollars.

When Marc Ching realized pet owners made good marks, like any good con artist while himself off as an honest, decent person, who would never hurt a fly, he knew the first order of business was to hide his criminal past.

When first went online back in 2014, we actually wrote a supportive article about Marc Ching and his Animal Hope and Wellness foundation going to China to rescue dogs from the egregious Yulin Dogmeat festival butchers.

But the more we did our due diligence into Marc Ching claiming that he supposedly saved1000 dogs from the world’s most evil festival. The more suspicious we grew of not only his exaggerated Yulin declaration but of the man himself.

While watching hundreds of video’s it became obvious that Marc Ching had the unique ability to ‘cry on-demand’ during every single one of the media’s over-the-top pandering interviews.

In fact, it was Marc Ching’s crocodile tears that started us down the path that eventually led to WildlifePlanet being the first to expose that before stumbling upon his current money-maker rackets, Marc Ching was involved in another business venture called…Kidnapping for Ransom.

Yes, you read that correctly, Marc Ching who his La la Land loony-toon followers proclaim as ‘Angelic’ and who his Animal Hope and Wellness cult laughably tried to get nominated in 2016 as CNN’s person of the year was convicted of Kidnapping in 1999.

If not for Marc Ching somehow conning a District Attorney in Californa into agreeing to a plea deal, instead of the 11-years he served, he would have received a life sentence.

You can read more about Marc Ching’s Kidnapping Conviction HERE