Kim Jong-Un Tiger Bone Liquor

North Korea’s Tubby Little Tyrant Kim Jong-Un favorite drinks include booze made from tiger and bear bones, giant centipedes and deer placenta…

Well, nothing washes down all that sickening dog-meat Kim Jong-Un eats better than Tiger Bone Liquor.

Dennis Rodman’s favorite fatty may have needed all that booze to wash down his missing wife, because he sure does look fat enough to have cooked and eaten her.

While millions across the world stock up on beer, wine and spirits for parties, holiday’s and family gatherings. We’re pretty sure no one is asking for any of Kim Jong-Un’s bizarre selections of drinks.

On the tubby little tyrant’s propaganda station ‘IAMGOD’ TV, they gushed about their Dear Leaders favorite brews, stating.

  • Tiger Bone Liquor is made from the big cats as well as quince, arrowroot, mulberry branches and bark. It said is to be a good cure for headaches and arthritis.
  • Bear Bone Liquor has similar ingredients and healing properties. Both drinks are 42 percent alcohol.
  • Booze distilled from deer antlers and ginseng, is said to be “very effective for good health” with “no headache after the heavy drinking”
  • Hardy North Koreans are also advised to drink two to three cups a day of a birch and mushroom brew which has “a special effect in promoting the health of people, especially treating cancer”.

On Kim Jong-Un’s 56k modem run North Korean website, Fatty Pants puppets endorsed the drinks saying:

Adalsan Spring Water:

This is the natural water springing from the Korean famous Mt. Adal. It is cool and refreshing. It is said that the ancient generals drank this water to acquire the Herculean strength.” But, sadly it did nothing for their pint size height of a typical North Korean.

Mount Pikachu… oh wait sorry, I meant, Mount Paektu Liquor – made from Insam – or ginseng – also is a hangover-free tipple.

The state-run site gushes: “This insam has been cultivated for more than ten years and thus gives you a long life, if you regularly drink it.

“And it has a good reputation among the drinkers, as it protects your body from all kinds of disease, purifies your blood and does not give any hangover.”

A giant centipede drink is lauded as ‘one of the national treasures of Korea as it is a health medicinal liquor, which is quite distinctive in comparison with other normal wine or liquor.

“It is very effective for neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis and recovering from all sorts of fatigue.

“Regular drinking of the liquor will promote not only restoration of energy, but also keeping good health.

Kangchun Tonic is made from “rare medicinal herbs in Korea”.

The makers say: “It is effective to treat the headache, the fatigue after the sexual intercourse, lumbar pain and so on.

“As the person gets older, the sexual function gets reduced. This is used as the erectile stimulant.”

An alcoholic drink made with a paste of deer placenta is said to prevent “the woman’s diseases” and should be taken up to three times a day.

Strange…Nothing on his drink menu cures Kim Jong-Un from getting rid of his Kim Kardashian-like fat ass.

It’s not surprising that the Dear Leader want’s his people as drunk so they can forget that they’re starving and living in a country with hardly any electricity outside the capital of Pyongyang.

The only way he keeps control is keeping his cult like population to completely inebriated lest they find out that their tubby little leader is nothing more than a false God with a bad three stooges-like haircut.

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