Chris Platzer, Vallejo California

Democrat Chris Platzer, a Vallejo California official resigned after throwing his cat and apparently drinking a beer during a Planning Commission meeting that was being recorded on Zoom.

Platzer said in an email to the Vallejo Times-Herald on Saturday that he has resigned from the Vallejo Planning Commission, effectively immediately — days before the Vallejo City Council was set to consider a resolution removing him from the seven-person commission.

But the best part came when he apologized for throwing his cat by claiming ‘That he’s still adjusting to Trump’s new “normalcy”‘

On April 20, the Vallejo Planning Commission met on Zoom to discuss a local Costco project and the issue of physical distancing among other topics.

The meeting was recorded and was available to be viewed by the public.

With a cat clearly being heard meowing in the background, the moderator asks Chris Platzer for comment:

“Ok, well, I’d like to first introduce my cat,” Platzer said while lifting up the cat to the camera to show the other members.

He then tosses the cat which a split second later produced an audible thud.

I own five rescue cats and lord knows they can be frustrating at times because most times they think the roles are reversed and you’re the pet.

But shockingly, in all those years, I never once felt like throwing them like some rag doll.

I WILL NOT blame anyone for their reaction!

While the gentleman in the upper left-hand corner reacted as most would, the gentlemen below him laughed, most likely thinking it more of a gag and set-up to be a comedic situation.

Lord knows this moron’s behavior is on the opposite end of normal, so it’s unfair to judge anyone on their first reaction upon seeing it.

But Chris Platzer Still Had Plenty Of Stupid Left

Platzer was also spotted taking sips from a green bottle, the Times-Herald reported, for which he later admitted was a beer.

If that wasn’t enough after the meeting ended Platzer was heard making demeaning remarks toward another commissioner.

According to the original commission meeting footage released by the Northern California city Platzer stated: “I’m going to call bull— on you little b—s”.

Chris Platzer’s ‘Orange Man Bad’ Apology

In an email to the Times-Herald on Saturday, Platzer, like any good Democrat issued a typical ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ apology:

“I did not conduct myself in the Zoom meeting in a manner befitting of a planning commissioner and apologize for any harm I may have inflicted.

I serve at the pleasure of the council and no longer have that trust and backing. I extend my gratitude to those who have supported me during my tenure.

I have always felt that serving Vallejo in a voluntary position is honorable because Vallejo is worth serving.

We are all living in uncertain times and I certainly, like many of you, am adjusting to a new normalcy.”

Umm, so Chris Platzer, are you saying President Trump made you throw your Cat because that’s the new norm? WOW!

Let’s unpack Chris Platzer’s idiocy:

  • Did Chris Platzer apologize to the cat? Or just to the people watching?
  • Chris Platzer: I do this for free, so screw you all.
  • Funny how Platzer said ‘I serve at the pleasure of…’ but lord knows if Trump fired someone this delusional Democrat would be like WTF? He can’t do that!
  • And of course, he just had to get in his @$#&%* TRUUUUUUUUUMP! He made me do it because ‘it’s the new norm’ excuse.

Must Be Charged With Animal Abuse.

Investigators can determine if Chris Platzer’s insane behavior was simply a one-time event. Or has this cat has been suffering from a series of continued animal abuse?

I can’t imagine how much abuse this poor cat has taken because if Chris Platzer can’t control his anger management issues while being recorded on ZOOM, with 5 other people watching.

Then one has to wonder how he treats his poor cat when no one is around to watch?