The reputable practitioners of China have long shunned the use of rhino horn and tiger bone as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) miracles.

But the message is not getting through to China’s corrupt leaders who pay their Chinese wildlife trafficking morons to slaughter millions of innocent animals.

It’s long been known that the Chinese people will eat, sniff, shoot and drink anything that stands on four legs (and two legs as well).

Because Chinese people are too dim-witted and/or uneducated to understand that like their myth that “Dog meat warms you’ Or “Bull penis gives you an extra boost for that late-night rendezvous” is on the same level of reality as Leprechauns and the Easter bunny.

For a country that forces its citizens to attend school and has been praised for its teaching ability. They sure graduate a lot of dumb, backward-thinking people.

There is no other reason for this many people still believing that their voodoo medicine will cure impotence, or have them reach a height of 5′ 7″. And it wouldn’t be at all shocking if many of them still believed that the tooth fairy really did leave them a quarter.

It amazes me in a country with 1.379 billion people crammed into one shit hole of a country, with forced education internment camps, can still turn out these many morons?

Hell, maybe Chinese people actually have round eyes, but they’re just too goddamn stupid to open them up all the way.

I care as much about your branding me a racist, as the Chinese care about the torture and eating of dogs and cats. What I wrote is not racism… It’s frustration and anger at people who slaughter Rhino’s because Chinese men won’t take Viagra.

I am neither racist nor do I hate anyone, except people who harm animals or kids.

I have no ill will toward any race on this planet and the only color I hate is green.

Because when it comes to wildlife trafficking and the slaughter of innocent animals there are No religions. No races. No colors. No genders. No sexual orientations. There is only green. 

China’s Voodoo Medicine

Traditional Chinese voodoo medicine (TCM) stretches back millennia and is deeply rooted in a system of balancing one’s energy through diet, herbs, and physical techniques like acupuncture.

TCM even came up with the cupping therapy, which the world was introduced to by U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics.

Phelps came to the Olympics looking like he was a one-color mat in a sick game of color-blind Twister.

Yes, I am old and if you don’t know what twister is, then google the damn thing, I don’t have time to educate the kiddies.

Many of these fraudulent Traditional Chinese Medicines are derived from the slaughtering of animals. Which is why China has long been the world’s leading criminal cartel when it comes to wildlife trafficking.

Despite Chinese political leaders bloviating about how modern China is. Their people still can’t grasp the concept that they would get the same health benefits of Rhino horn powder if they just chewed on their fingernails.

Rhino horn is made up primarily of keratin – a protein found in hair, fingernails, and animal hooves so there are zero benefits to eating, sniffing, or shoving a vile of Rhino horn powder up your ass.

What spells doom for Rhinos is the fact that a majority of China’s 1.379 Billion people still believe that there are extraordinary health benefits if you drink, eat or sniff, animal parts including their droppings.

China’s leadership, as they have done with the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Eating Festival, looks the other way as long as the money being brought in.

Too Stupid To Remember His Own Title…China Had To Make It Rhyme.

Revenue for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Manufacturing industry is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 10.6% over the five years through 2019, according to China’s ‘Ministry of Industry‘.

Domestic demand for TCM products has increased from $25.8 billion in 2014 to an estimated $43.6 billion in 2019.

China’s General Office of the State Council seeing all that green, actually recommended that the government start promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine cures.

They might as well came to the news conference carrying a poster of a Rhino with a big fat bulls-eye painted on its head and said: “Go get em boys”.


The U.N. May Need Rhino Horn Powder Because When It Comes To China They’re Impotent

There is little doubt that China is guilty of the mass slaughter of Elephants, Rhinos, and Tigers unless you have a better theory that explains China having a huge TCM resurgence at the very same moment a similar uptick in wildlife killings has been happening.

While not many countries call out China’s abhorrent behavior, the U.N., almost as if it’s marked on their calendars, every few weeks calls Wildlife trafficking, a nefarious global trade.

But since the UN gets a hefty cut from China’s $43 billion a year TCM trade, that’s more than enough excuse to look the other way as China slaughters its way through the animal kingdom.

Now some may call what I stated a conspiracy theory. But the fact is, The World Health Organization (WHO) proved exactly how egregious China is.

The WHO has been spewing Chinese propaganda as if they were China’s PR department from the moment the world started to accuse China of attempting to cover-up just how deadly serious the COVID-19 virus was.

As a result of the World Health Organization regurgitating the absolute laughable Chinese talking points, President Trump retaliated for their blatant transgressions.

President Trump said the U.S. will stop funding to the World Health Organization while his administration reviews WHO’s role in “mismanaging” the coronavirus.

Trump said since U.S. taxpayers contribute up to $400 million while other superpowers like China contribute closer to $40 million, “The United States has a duty to insist on full accountability”.

One week after President Trump halted U.S. funding to the U.N. agency, China announced it has committed $30 million more to the World Health Organization. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang defended the WHO and said that China’s gift was for:

“defending the ideals and principle of multilateralism and upholding the status and authority of the United Nations.”

The U.N. Is Nothing More Than China’s Ass-Kissing Apologists

China’s criminal actions are best displayed in the most trafficked animal on earth. 

The poor defenseless Pangolin, these animals are like shooting fish in a barrel.

An estimated 1 million of these creatures, who, when threatened simply roll up into a nice neat little Chinese carrying case that animal poachers simply pluck off the ground.

The UN loves to tell the world how egregious wildlife traffic is, but when it comes to the country who is most responsible for the slaughter of thousands of endangered species.

UN delegates sheepishly pout ‘China’s efforts have been admirable, but they need to do more.’ All the while giving China a reach around to reassure them of their loyalty.

Pangolin Cute and rolled up

And those repugnant Chinese animal poachers have plucked these poor innocent Pangolins to the point of extinction.

Once again, China’s highly uneducated graduates from their educational system reared it’s ugly head because the Chinese people believe Pangolin scales can be used to treat everything from rheumatoid arthritis to inflammation.

But while the plight of endangered species such as pangolins are well known, among conversationalist

China’s thirst for slaughtering animals extends to even more common farm animals such as donkeys which are now in high demand in China as well.

Sought after for gelatin, TCM has driven demand to over four million donkeys per year and growing.

Donkeys are being poached from small farmers and landowners and smuggled to such an extent that illegal donkey trade is being compared in severity to rhino poaching.

Like A Paraplegic…The UN Leaps Into Action

In response to this extinction-level attack on defenseless animals, another one of the United Nations mind-numbing creation is called CITES.

Cites is short for The Convention on Illegal Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora conference,

In 2016 CITES supposedly banned all trade in all eight species of Pangolin in 2016, which, of course, China immediately ignored.

China believes the world is made up of dumb shits like their 1.379 billion dimwitted inhabits.

So with every CITES get together the Chinese do what they have always done.

They get all dressed up in their best Walmart suits and put on a big dog and pony show for the United Nations knowing in the end, no matter what treaty they’ve signed.

China’s wildlife trafficking business will remain as profitable as ever and accountable to no one.

Until the United States, who is the only country left on Earth that would be able to go toe to toe with China economically, stands up to China’s wildlife murdering.

And the U.N. starts putting their hands in their pockets instead of out in front looking for another handout.

Then we might as well start cramming as many of these animals into every American zoo because within 30 years there won’t be any of them left in the wild.

The world must hold China accountable for its actions and President Xi needs to be brought in front of the world court and charged with being the world’s wildlife trafficking kingpin.

Africa Wildlife animal Poaching