Yulin Festival Dogs and cats Stuffed In Transport Cages 3

Come June, In Yulin China, thousands of cats and dogs crammed into cages sit and wait for slaughter to begin at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Despite Chinese officials declaring they will do something about this grotesque festival THIS YEAR, local restaurants say business is booming even before the Yulin Dog Festival has started.

inside the notorious city of Yulin, slaughterhouses are already preparing for the official launch of the repugnant Yulin Dog-Meat eating festival in June.

Of course, Local authorities are dusting off their speeches claiming they’ve abolished the festival that celebrates the coming of the summer solstice but animal rights organization say that in Yulin, it’s business as usual.

Photos Document The Yulin Dog Meat Festival Horror

Photographs taken every year since 2014 show document the horror of the thousands of dogs and cats brutishly stuffed into cages awaiting their slaughter.

Other photographs show how the bloodied bodies of dead pets that had died on the trip to Yulin, are piled up on the streets outside the dirty slaughterhouses.

The Chinese government declared that the character for Dog shall not be displayed but defiantly at many Yulin Dog Meat restaurants, they still proudly display it.

The locals eat dogs all year round, but there is a massive surge in tourism and demand for dog meat when people celebrate the Summer Solstice at the annual June festival. 

It is legal to eat dogs in China due to the country having no law protecting the welfare of pets.

But China’s Ministry of Agriculture has strict rules which require every cat and dog is supposed to have an ‘inspection certificate’ before they are allowed to be transported.

But the Humane Society International stated that because most of these animals are stolen pets or strays grabbed off the street. Dog meat traders simply produce ‘fraudulent documents’ instead.

Some slaughterhouse owners admitted they did not have ‘quarantine certificates,’ but they have little to fear since local health inspectors never visit to check out the animals, despite many of whom looking visibly sick. 

Wildlife Planet is sickened by the Yulin festival but even more sickened by the fact that the Chinese Government does nothing except give lip service to those protesting. 

China a country that can somehow command it’s citizens on how many children it may have but, acts as if it incapable of stopping the slaughter of thousands of stolen pets. 

It’s not like the Chinese imbeciles don’t know where to look and on what day the mass slaughtering will take place.

Every June, America, as well as the world, will continue to be outrage at the slaughter happening in Yulin. But yet most will go out tonight and buy at least five products that are stamped “Made in China”

So, while China should be held accountable for this authority, there is plenty of blame to go around.

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