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30 Baby Elephant Pictures That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Baby Elephant Photo Image Gallery Wildlife Planet

We all know and love elephants but baby elephants are even better.

Thanks to these photography experts for sharing these amazing elephant photos with us during the coronavirus lockdown.

To celebrate the presence of these majestic, gentle creatures in the world, take a look at these 30 baby elephants captured on camera by 500px photographers.

Scroll down below, and share this with anyone who these adorable animals would perk there day.

2 Baby Elephants playing

Baby elephant climbs on big brother

B;ack and White baby elephant image B/W

Cute Baby elephant running

Baby elephant up close in water

Baby Elephant in African orange sun

Baby Elephant hanging on Mom in water

Baby Elephant Leading the herd

Baby Elephant Splashing in water Black and white B&W photo

Baby Elephant walking through African grassland

2 Baby Elephants and mom

2 Baby elephants playing

Baby elephant stretching his trunk for a drink

2 baby elephants rough housing

Baby Elephant falls down

Baby Elephant cuddles by mom

Baby Elephant walking on green grass

Baby Elephant using tusk to hold Mother

Brave Baby elephant protected by Mother

Baby Elephant Running across dirt road

Baby elephant safe under mom

Baby Elephant playing in the mud

Baby Elephant Tries To Act Tough

Baby Elephant Needs a bath

Baby elephant plays with tree branch

Baby Elephant African Safari

baby Elephant Has Mama's tail

Many elephant populations are threatened by human activities, mainly to the demand of the ivory trade as they are poached for their ivory tusks, or captured to be used as working animals in circuses, zoos, and war. To get more info on elephant protection and preservation efforts, visit WorldElephantDay.org.

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